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TV & The Royal Wedding

Posted by on April 29, 2011

A few hours ago a nice young British couple married. From the clips I saw on TV over breakfast, it was a big to do.

Before this wedding, several media luminaries commented,

“Who cares?
You couldn’t pay me to watch it.
What a waste of time!
This is ridiculous!”

You get the idea. Apparently they all thought this was a waste of television. Here are my two cents.

The First Cent

I have a friend who I could not pay enough to watch the Super Bowl.
I watch it every year.
But as boring as he might find the Super Bowl, I’m sure there’s one thing he would find more boring: watching people trying to sound hip by commenting on how boring they think the Super Bowl is.
Also, given some of the absolute skubalon my country buys with its money, I’m not going to tell the Brits what to do with theirs.

The  Second Cent

Where were all the naysayers when THESE programs are/were on TV?

The Bachelor
The Bachelorette
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Anything with Flavor Flav
Jerry Springer
Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane
16 And Pregnant
(Virtually, anything on MTV)
RuPaul’s Drag Race
America’s Next Top Model
Teen Mom
Real Housewives of anywhere
The modern day equivalents of Bedlam: Hoarders and Celebrity Rehab
The Steve Wilkos Show
Blind Date
The Cougar
The Surreal Life
Temptation Island

And of course… Jersey Shore

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