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Five Great FUN Father & Son Meals

Posted by on May 4, 2011

Some fathers & sons love baseball.
Some love hunting.
Some love fillintheblank.

But regardless of what you and your little men love to do, you all love to eat. But food is more than eating.  In current P.O.S. times (That’s not Piece Of Skubalon. It’s Post Old School), families don’t eat together that often. This is wrong. I could quote some statistic right now about how this hurts the family, but statistics aren’t necessary when common sense will do.

To jump start this practice, here are five fun or unusual ways to get some eats down your gullet.

Deep-Fried Turkey

A good buddy, Scott, tells me this story, “Every Thanksgiving morning, one of the elders in our church hosts a little gathering. He sets up about four to five turkey fryers in his backyard. Friends come by with turkeys. They fry’em, have some hot coffee, shoot the bull with each other and their kids, then take their turkeys home.”  OLD SCHOOL!

Turkey deep fryers take cooking to that most old school of locations: the outdoors. That, along with the added “benefit” of if you screw up and don’t do it right you’ll burn down the neighborhood, you gotta love it!


Solar oven

MacGyver. It’s a name. It’s a TV show. And it’s so cool, it’s even a verb, as in, “We didn’t know how we are going to cook that pot roast outside, then dad MacGyvered an oven out of a cardboard box and aluminum foil.”

Here’s the basic principle: sunlight reflects off shiny surface, reflecting light rays to dark surface. Dark surface converts light rays to intense heat of two hundred degrees or more.

Solar ovens can be made or bought in varying sizes. Here’s a simple DIY video for one you can make with stuff you probably have around the homestead.


Self-heating meals

You can find these at camping stores, truck stops and military surplus stores.


If Bill Nye the Science Guy and Rachel Ray[1] had a kid… It starts with a prepackaged meal (no refrigeration needed). Incorporated inside the container is a heating element that’s activated by water, also supplied in the package. These come from our military and often feed brave US soldiers when on duty is some of the rougher parts of the world. Are they as good as Mom’s home cookin’[2]? No. Is it wicked cool for a boy to see the steam coming out, hear the boiling, while the meals cook itself? Do I even have to answer this?

Added Old School bonus: gives a dad the opportunity to discuss how the military life and service.

Witness the culinary pyro. The comment at 27 seconds is hilarious and sums up how a young boy would react to this.


Let the 3 year old make his own sandwich

And a boy can make his own as soon as possible. It’s bologna. It’s bread. It’s mustard. What could go wrong? Let the boy make his sandwich. Three year olds can do this. Will the three year old make one as good as you? No, but the fun is in the making.

And for a winter dessert… Snow Ice Cream

Assuming you can identify the color yellow, this is a must-do next snow storm.
Snow Ice Cream Recipe


1/2 c. sugar

1 c. cream

2 eggs (use pasteurized eggs or Egg Beaters)

2 tsps vanilla

Pinch of salt

Approx 5 – 6 cups fresh clean snow

In a large bowl mix first five ingredients until smooth.

Gradually stir in snow until desired consistency.

[1] That Bill Nye gets around.

[2] When preceded by the words “Mom’s home”, cookin’ should never end with a “g”. Never.

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