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Extra Credit

Posted by on June 3, 2011

The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness

I’ve had a ton of people send me this video because, no doubt, of its comical take on Old School thinking. It is solid funny. I’m pretty sure this is what Old School sounds like after half a bottle of Scotch. The inspiration for the Swanson Pyramid is, of course, the John Wooden Pyramid of Success.

Heads-up: rough language for a second.

A flashlight you’ll always have

If you’re Old School, you’re (hopefully) carrying a pocketknife or multi-tool. But a flashlight? This is a great iphone ap and it’s free. It uses the camera flash on your phone.

Easy to build book shelves for your
Old School man cave

When we moved to the new homestead last summer I was particularly psyched about converting a garage into a home office. Top on the renovation list was installing book shelves. And I wanted permanent, attached shelves, not book cases. And one more thing — I’m frugal. Remember the old saying, “Cheap, fast, good — pick TWO“? Well, I wanted all three. And I got that with Hungarian shelves. Easy, quick and inexpensive to make. I built two of them in an afternoon. Both are seven shelves high and about eight feet tall and six feet wide. That’s eighty-four feet of shelf.

The value of being a little crazy, harmonicas & pumpkin beer

Being benignly quirky is an admirable Old School trait if there ever was one. Example: A few weeks back we had Dave, an elder in my church, his wife Michelle and their daughter Grace over to our home for Sunday dinner. David notices the upright piano in our parlor and we start discussing music interests and abilities. Turns out Dave plays the harmonica. Nothing quirky there but it’s coming up. He learned to play while driving his car. He listened to an instructional cassette while the harmonica was held in place by a wire harmonica holder that wrapped around his neck. Hands-free, totally safe and little crazy. If only I could talk him into putting cymbals on his knees.

Understand, I’m not making fun of Dave. I think this is seriously Old School quirky and resourceful and trying to decide whether I’ll try this myself. In the meantime, here’s a quirky Old School move for the non-musically inclined…

Brew pumpkin beer in an ACTUAL PUMPKIN!

This next entry manages to mix harmonicas, driving and alcohol. Mind you, you're not going to find this kind of service on other blogs.

This looks seriously fun.

Young Man Who Asked For Prom Date
With Old School Flair Get His Wish

It is nice to see when a young man goes over the top in the right Old School way. This kid wins in the end.  Here’s the story. I can only wonder how this kid will propose to the future Mrs. Tate some day.

Keep it Old School, my friends

The Old Man


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