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OSR Dame of the Year: Mila Kunis

Posted by on July 13, 2011

She is a Hollywood movie star.

He is a U.S. Marine.

She is in movies.

He is in this YouTube Video

She, with prodding from Justin Timberlake, said “yes”.

This earns her the much-coveted title,

Old School Rules Dame of the Year

She wins this not for her looks. Understand, her looks are considerable, but much like repeated exposure renders a snake handler impervious to snake venom, repeated exposure to the Smokin’ Hot Wife has rendered me impervious to Miss Kunis. And besides, there are a lot of hotties in Hollywood. But this one has demonstrated Old School class.

His actions have also earned Justin Timberlake the much-coveted title,

Old School Rules Wingman of the Year

Timberlake, you are all right.

And, of course, this earns Sgt. Scott Moore the much-coveted title,

Old School Rules Mack Daddy of the Year

In an age where most young guys consider taking a girl to the mall to be a “date” and lack the stones to walk across a dance floor to ask a girl to dance, this Marine walked across the world (via YouTube) and asked a girl to the dance.

Keep it Old School, my friend

The Old Man

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