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Extra Credit

Posted by on August 16, 2011

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How do you carry your six shooter?

Texas Governor Rick Perry gives a great Old School response to a reporter asking if he is armed.

What’s behind that bookcase?

Maybe I watched too many episodes of The Wild, Wild West when I was a kid. On second thought, that’s impossible. Things like hollowed out books used for storage, hidden rooms behind bookcases and other nefarious hideaways have always had a certain Old School boy appeal to me. Here’s an online book that will explain it all.

Tree House or Tree Mansion?

Next spring I plan on starting construction of the “official” Old School Homestead Tree House. After looking at the tree houses in this article, I think what I’m building will be more of a tree shack. But then again, I do plan on coming significantly under the $38,000 price tag of one of these tree houses.

George Bush Sr. knew how to answer protestors

The other day President Obama had a minor run in with a Tea Party member. The President could learn much from the way George Bush Sr. handled protestors as explained in this clip.


Keep it Old School my friend,

The Old Man, Chris Dixon

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