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Extra Credit

Posted by on August 21, 2011

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Kathy Griffin is to comedy as The Olive Garden is to Italian Food

“This simple DIY project will mute your TV whenever it
starts talking about a celebrity or subject you’ve heard enough of.”

I don’t know how well this device works, but the idea is seductively appealing. You’ve just finished enjoying a thrilling twenty-four hour marathon of The Wild, Wild West. You have a plate of Scotch eggs in your lap. What’s that on the TV now? A show with both Kathy Griffin and Charlie Sheen. You struggle to find the remote control (You haven’t needed to change the channel for 24 hours, remember?) to mute, but this gizmo beats you to the punch, automatically muting the TV. Sweet.

Tortilla redux

Months ago I shared a recipe for tortilla, the egg dish that all good little Spanish kids like me grew up on. Last week I made a larger than usual tortilla so there were leftovers, a rare tortilla occurrence regardless of tortilla size. Here’s what the Smokin’ Hot Wife did. Preheats the oven to 350. She takes a tube of refrigerated crescent rolls. Lines a pie plate with them. Puts the tortilla leftovers in the plate on top of the unbaked crescent rolls. Sprinkles some shredded cheddar on it. Bakes in the oven for 10-15 minutes and serves for lunch. Sure, it’s not a crust made from scratch, but the S’HW has a busy schedule so cut her some slack. Like quiche, but with no effeminate or French overtones. Awesome comfort food.

Did he not see this coming?

An Old School Man knows where to draw the line with quirky behavior. The fighter on the right is not Old School. It’s the difference between being cute and too cute. I’m sure he thought, “Yeah, this will psych him out…” Think again.

Keep it Old School my friend,

The Old Man, Chris Dixon

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