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50 More Old School Things, People & Places

Posted by on November 23, 2011

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1. Army surplus stores (If you’re a guy and can’t spend at least fifteen enjoyable minutes just looking around, well, you are not a guy.)

2. Kids playing in the woods

3. The salamander a kid is holding when he says, “Mom! Look at this!”

4. The Sting (movie)

5. A Bloody Mary (right about now)

6. Costumes for young boys to play adventurous make-believe

Batman... if he was a lumberjack, four years old and my son

7. The old guy who’s been ecstatically married to his wife for five plus decades and introduces her saying, “This is my first wife,” then leans over to you and conspiratorially whispers, “Keeps her on her toes.”

8. Hand written thank you notes

9. Grandmas that make pie

10. Work boots

11. Guinness Beer

12. Thieves with ambition. These guys allegedly (wink-wink) stole a bridge. A bridge! Makes the punk ripping off a 7-11 look like quite the slacker.

13. Straight pool

14. Concord grape pie

15. Punctuality

16. Crushing coins by putting them on train tracks

17. Trousers with well-ironed creases


19. Backyard chickens (Easier than you think and the eggs are much better)

20. Work gloves (A day that requires work gloves, even if just for a few minutes, is a better day.)

21. A big leather chair

22. Darts, preferably steel tip over soft tip.

23. The Twilight Saga

24. Muddy, dirty kids

25. The Harlem Globetrotters

26. The Popular Mechanics Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia (1968 edition)

27. Saying grace and meaning it

28. The Peppermill on the Las Vegas Strip

29. Chili (Yes, this was on the last list twice, but it’s the kind of thing that can’t be mentioned too many times.)

You only need one.

30. An inflatable Christmas decoration (Notice, that wasn’t plural. Two starts to be tacky and three can look like a carnival puked on your lawn. But one? One can add a fine bit of holiday whimsy.)

31.  A wife that doesn’t take any guff

32. Great contractors who do the job well, quickly and on time at the agreed upon price with crews you don’t mind having around your wife and kids.

33. Bee brand playing cards

34. Having a personal family jargon

35. Gumbo

36. A well-stocked home pantry (I am reminded of this every time we have a big snowstorm. The number of people who cram the grocery stores shows how thin some people stock their homes. How hard is it to have a week’s worth of grub in your house?)

37. The Smokin’ Hot Wife’s perfume (It is a mysterious scent which entangles my heart & soul while enflaming passion.)

38. Flirting with said Smokin’ Hot Wife on my blog

39. Fried chili (Tomorrow for breakfast eat this: 2 eggs over easy and fry a 1/2 cup to a cup of left over chili from the fridge. Fry the chili for two to three minutes on medium high heat and you’re downtown. Don’t have an left over chili? See here or here.)

40. Mink oil

41. Mutts

42. George Barris’ Batmobile

43. Monkeys (Everything is Funnier with Monkeys)

44. Christmas Parades

45. A thermos

46. Cast iron skillet

47. Pulling someone’s leg, like I did with you on #23. Ha!

48. Hot apple cider

49. Adding your own entries to this list on our Facebook page.

50. The last list.

Keep it Old School, my friend

The Old Man

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