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Old School Engagements & Cookies

Posted by on December 8, 2011

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OSR on Engagements

If you’re one of the many people becoming engaged during the holiday season, I’ve got  a question for you:

If you bought a car, why would you want to wait a year to drive it off the lot?

The Photoshop budget alone on this post was huge.

Your goal is to be married and begin your life with your beloved. Reach the goal sooner. You wouldn’t put off other goals, so why put off marriage for a year? Back to the car. Your goal isn’t to have a big soiree (soiree — good word) when you do the car purchase paperwork. What you want is many happy years behind the wheel.

You’re less likely to over spend buku bucks on the wedding. Yeah, I know, “Memories last forever.” But if those memories are of the things that cost money and not the true focus, your spouse, something’s wrong. And remember this: the more planning, the more stress, the greater danger of a BRIDEZILLA!

From The For What It’s Worth Department:

The Smokin’ Hot Wife & I started “seeing each other” (whatever that means) in the summer of 1999.
We had our first official date in September 1999.
We were engaged October 1999.
We were married November 1999.
Still happy & together twelve years later. If we had a year long engagement instead of five weeks, I would have forty-seven fewer weeks of Old School marital bliss.

OSR In The Kitchen: Always have emergency cookies

Though I’m a sucker for the Smokin’ Hot Wife’s homemade from scratch oatmeal blueberry cookies — cookies so good they have a “street value” — I’m not a cookie snob. Serving warm, out of the oven cookies after a meal or as a surprise treat for my junior wingmen has a level of Old School magic mojo so bulletproof that it can’t be messed up even with the pre-made dough.

Enter the emergency cookie.

Here’s something to always have in your fridge: a tub or roll of the pre-made cookie dough. Turn on the oven, slap a dozen or more balls of cookie dough on a cookie sheet and ten to twelve minutes later you’re Instant Grandma. As a treat for the kids, guests, or your bride — imagine bringing her some cookies and egg nog up to bed… yeah, you’re welcome…

As I type this it looks like the homestead is being blessed with the first significant snow of the season. I think I’ll leave the office a little early and feed the cookie monsters at home.

Keep it Old School, my friend

The Old Man, Chris Dixon

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