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Christmas Dumb Stuff, Surprising Stuff & Cool Stuff

Posted by on December 22, 2011

#1 U.S. Postal Service Tells Carrier to Stop Dressing Like Santa

Here’s the skinny: Bob McLean is a letter carrier (“mailman” to those over 40) who dresses like Santa during the holiday season. The families, especially the kids, along his route love it. But his supervisor is saying the Ho-Ho-Ho gotta go-go-go. No more costume. Why? A coworker complained. Full details here.

Now here’s the important part: this story is not about the dreaded “war on Christmas.” It’s about a “war” that goes on year round…

It’s the “War on Good Business Sense”!

Let’s say you had a landscaping company and you had an employee that cut grass wearing a hat with moose antlers. Yeah, moose antlers. The families and kids loved this guy and the moose antlers made the customers smile. Many went as far to say, “Could you send over Mr. Moose Antlers this week? The kids love him.”

Unfortunately, one of your employees is always griping about the stupidity of the antlers. What will you do?

A) Tell Moose to ditch the antler hat.
B) Tell the antler hater to shut up.
C) Buy everyone on your crew a moose antler cap.

If you chose C, you have what it takes to be a entrepreneur. But you won’t be welcome at the post office.

File:Festivus Pole.jpg

#2 Festivus is older than Kwanzaa

The original Festivus was celebrated in February, 1966 by Dan O’Keefe and his future wife, Deborah on their first date. Dan O’Keefe is the father of Daniel O’Keefe, the writer who brought Festivus to fame on Seinfeld, complete with the aluminum pole and airing of grievances.

Kwanzaa was first celebrated by Maulana Karenga in December 1966 to January 1967.

#3 Carve a swan from an apple

OK, OK. It’s not exactly a Christmas thing. But if you’re at a Christmas gathering and the food is running late and an apple is nearby, this is a surprisingly entertaining thing to share with your friends. I learned this about twenty years ago while working a restaurant supply trade show and still occasionally resurrect it. Yet another reason to always carry a Leatherman Juice CS4.


Keep it Old School, my friend

The Old Man, Chris Dixon

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