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Extra Credit: The Guns & Bananas Edition

Posted by on January 19, 2012

This Saturday Take A MANcation

I love Cabela’s. Love it. I live an hour from one and several Saturdays I’ve gathered up the boys and have made a day trip of it. The mountain o’ taxidermy. The walk through aquarium. Good eats in upstairs.

January 21-22 and February 11-12 there’s an extra reason to make the trip. Join or renew your NRA membership and you get a $25 Cabela’s gift card. The boys never need an extra reason to make a Cabela’s trip, but it never hurts.

One Ingredient Ice Cream

Now you would think an Old School post about ice cream would be all about “homemade” and “hand-cranked” and “sitting on the back porch.” And you’d be right. But Old School is also about “good eats”, “pragmatic” and “Wow! This is a nice change of pace.”

Long time readers have noticed many of the OSR posts center around food. I like to eat and my wife likes to cook or, more accurately “She is Godzilla! The kitchen is Japan!” Cooking is one of her major expressions of creativity.

A few years back I read this post about making One Ingredient Ice Cream. Essentially, it’s frozen ripe or over ripe bananas run through a food processor. Awesomely delicious. Even better if you’re lactose intolerant or you just don’t like cows.

TIP: If you haven’t noticed, many supermarkets now sell bags of over ripe bananas on the cheap. Perfect for this recipe.

But here’s the problem: many food processors break under the stress of smacking around a frozen banana. (Ours did. Thankfully it was still under guarantee.)


Enter the Yonanas. It’s a food processor made specifically for frozen fruit. My kids love this. I love this. It’s good eats. Taste like banana soft serve. Did not expect it to be this good. I know, I know. Foolish of me to doubt the culinary prowess of the Smokin’ Hot Wife.

Keep It Old School, my friend

The Old Man

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