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Valentine’s Day Part 3: Flowers The OSR Way

Posted by on February 9, 2012

I firmly believe God made women to like flowers so men couldn’t screw things up so much. This being a fallen world, we men still manage to screw it up.

The OSR Guide To Flowers

1. Yeah, I know flowers go up in price dramatically before Valentine’s Day. Suck it up and spend the bucks.

2. If your girl has a type of flower of which she is particularly fond, use this knowledge.

3. If she has a day job that takes her outside the home, deliver the flowers there, not at her home. Why?

The same reason this guy had this picture taken with the giant buck. When you’re blessed — whether it’s with a guy and great flowers or a great hunt — it feels good when others know about. In return, others make you feel good about what you have.

Yeah, that’s right. I just managed to work in rifles, hunting, and a dead buck in to a post about Valentine’s Day and flowers. If you haven’t like this blog on Facebook yet, what does that say about you?  Like us now.

4. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day. Give the flowers early. More impact. Sets you apart from the herd.

5. Don’t score a touchdown with the flowers only to drop the ball with the note. Put some time and thought into it. You don’t have to be Shakespeare. Just be you.

6. Giving a dozen red roses, while not bad, is the equivalent of going the Vermont Teddy Bear route.

Digression alert
Have you seen the latest commercials from Vermont Teddy Bear. They’re pushing a “giant” four and a half feet tall teddy bear. Wow. A giant teddy bear doesn’t say “I love you.” A giant teddy bear says, “Look at me! I knocked down all the bottles at the carnival!”

Instead, look at what a friend of mine and long time reader of OSR gave his girl.

Nice. Very nice. It’s big. Colorful and alive. Classy. Looks like actual thought was put into it. Again: Very nice.

He reads the blog.
He gives her flowers.
She glows about it on Facebook.
I pinch the photo and put it here.
Call it the Circle of Life.

He gets it. He’s Old School. You should be, too.

Keep it Old School, my friend

The Old Man

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