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Only Bob Costas Should Shop At AutoZone

Posted by on December 5, 2012

An AutoZone worker who stopped an armed robbery by retrieving a weapon from his truck said he was fired by the company for violating their gun policy.

When I read stories like this — and, yes, there are many stories “like this”, it feels as though society wants to punish heroism and replace every real hero with a bureaucrat, talking head or monosyllabic athlete.

Devin McLean acted bravely and responsibly. He acted with compassion, not only for his coworkers, but for the criminal he chose not to shoot. Despite all of this, he is now unemployed. This is more than an isolated incident. It is a symptom of a far greater societal problems.


No doubt much of thisĀ dog’s breakfast (Great phrase. Thank you, Britannia.) comes from anti-gun sentiments.

Ask the manager whose life was saved by Devin McLean how he feels about McLean’s right to carry a gun. Ask the millions of citizens under tyrannical governments who have had their guns (and freedom of speech, assembly, right to trial, etc.) taken from them. Ask the elderly man in a rough neighborhood who is prevented from owning a gun to defend himself and knows criminals don’t care about gun lawas. The second amendment is frequently butchered. Penn & Teller get it and nail it in less than a minute. Warning: not work/family friendly language.



A coward may run from danger, but the bottom-of-the-barrel cowards are those that run and then turn and mock those who stayed and fought. Deep down they know their wrong but act as though mocking bravery will put a veneer of respectability on their weakness. How much more can somebody mock a man than taking away his livelihood a few weeks before Christmas?

Zero Tolerance Policy

Why does anyone use the phrase “zero tolerance policy” anymore? Haven’t there been enough incidents associated with this phrase that have shown the zero tolerance often equals zero wisdom? If you don’t want guns on your private property, fine. The property is yours. BUT to not tolerate this act of heroism as an exception to that policy? Foolishness.

Business Tone Deafness

I’m guessing many AutoZone customers were once truck drivin’, fishin’, huntin’ guys.
Not anymore. Check out theĀ AutoZone facebook page for comments.

Keep it Old School,

The Old Man

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