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Learning to Shoot a Rifle and Becoming a Marksman

Posted by on December 11, 2012

There is something inherently “Old School” about heading out into the woods, rifle at hand, and sighting in a squirrel at 100 yards…feeling the wood stock against your cheek… you inhale and hold your breath as you use the sling of your rifle to steady your aim… your finger slightly presses the trigger…


All you hear is the rustle of leaves as a furry carcass hits the floor of the woods… Success.

Sadly, this exhilarating experience is a time honored tradition that is dwindling as the years go by. Gone are the days when every high school had a rifle team. Gone are the days when it was the norm for a young man to receive his first .22 rifle as a right of passage. Gone are the days when more men than not were taught skill-at-arms in the event they would have to step up and defend their loved ones or liberty. Why?

Is it too politically incorrect to teach young men and women the responsible use of firearms? Sadly, many think it is. And it is a real shame. Now more than ever an argument can be made that we should be reviving and passing on this time honored tradition. But to many guys starting on this path can be a little bit intimidating. How are you supposed to teach and share your knowledge of firearms when you don’t have any – or know where to look.

Luckily there are a couple of “Old School Rules” approved options. Picking up an affordable .22 caliber rifle from your local sporting goods store, along with the resources below will have you well on your way…

The first is a GREAT shooting opportunity called “The Appleseed Project”. The Appleseed project ¬†started as as a shooting seminar that uses US Army shooting principles to train civilians to shoot like an Expert Marksman – ie. be able to hit a man sized target at 400 yards with an open sighted service rifle. Appleseed Shooting events are VERY cheap – like $80 for a weekend. They are taught by firearms enthusiasts who really care about the founding of our country, and the 2nd Amendment. They are VERY successful in taking people who have never shot a rifle, and in the course of a weekend or two turning them into competent riflemen being able to hit their target at huge distances with great consistency. And best of all… IT’S FUN! Appleseed shooting events are held all over the country – just visit Appleseed for a shoot near you!

Uncle Sam Teaches YOU: Basic Rifle Marksmanship Vol. 1The second is a great DVD – and the films it contains are actually highly recommended by the above-mentioned Appleseed group called “Uncle Sam Teaches YOU: Basic Rifle Marksmanship”. The Uncle Sam Teaches You video series is a great resource for Old Schooler’s to learn various military and related skills. In this DVD, the viewer is literally walked through step by step what it takes to properly shoot a rifle and become an Expert Marksman. It contains almost 3 hours of instruction and is the perfect compliment to an Appleseed course – in fact the Appleseed group recommend watching parts of it before attending the shoot just to familiarize yourself with what you’ll be learning. You can pick up Basic Rifle Marksmanship DVD at Amazon.

Keep It Old School
(and on target), my friend

The Old Man

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