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Extra Credit

Posted by on January 28, 2013

50 Creative Ways to Repurpose, Reuse and Upcycle OldĀ Things – There are certain things that instantly remind me of my late father. One of those is jar lids screwed to the bottom of a shelf with the jars then screwed into the lid. This was one of the way Dad organized different screws and nails. It’s something I’ve seen in many workshops from Dad’s generation. This page has 50 things like that, most artsier than my dad’s efforts.

Josh King has resolved to read less this year. – What makes this so Old School, is what he’s chosen to do instead of read new books.

I’m not Kreskin, but this sure looks like a possible preview of the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

Old School western, animation, craftsmanship – Give this its five minutes and thirty-three seconds. Low tech, high craft and Old School combine for an unconventionally delivered western story.

Keep It Old School, My Friend

The Old Man

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