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Do Something

Posted by on April 24, 2013

Picture a Barney Fife look-alike, but less muscular and bowlegged. He’s in a dance club. He’s sitting with a couple of buddies. He sees a woman that strikes his fancy on the other side of the dance floor.

He decides to make his move.

He stands up. Hitches up his plaid trousers in true Don Knotts fashion. He walks what seem to be about twenty-five feet to the object of his desire. He begins talking to the woman.

He’s making his move.

He’s a winking, gesticulating bundle of testosteronal smoothness.

Eighteen seconds later. He walks back. Alone.

He has made his move. His move was rejected

If you know anything about geometry, you know the distance from point A to point B equals the distance from point B to point A.

If you know anything about dance floors, you know the distance from the woman back to your buddies at the bar is infinitely longer than the distance from the bar to the woman.

Can you spot the loser in this story?

Hint: It’s not the guy who was turned down.

The losers are his buddies who sat at the bar and never talked to a woman.

Old School Entrepreneurs don’t sit on their butts at the bar.

They ask for the order

They write the copy.

They send the email.

They call the prospect.

Will they occasionally, or even frequently have to make that long walk back alone? Of course, but they are always better off than the losers who sit on their butts at the bar.

Old School Entrepreneurs are always doing something.

Keep it Old School, my friend

The Old Man

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