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Extra Credit

Posted by on May 25, 2013

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40 years and 150 miles from civilization

The Siberian taiga in the Abakan district. Six members of the Lykov family lived in this remote wilderness
for more than 40 years—utterly isolated and more than 150 miles from the nearest human settlement.

This Russian family “camped” in the wilderness, without seeing anyone outside their family, for forty years. For 40 years, this Russian family was cut off from all human contact, unaware of World War II. In 1978, Soviet geologists prospecting in the wilds of Siberia discovered this family of six, lost in the taiga.

Putting aside their reasons for bugging out, the unbelievable resourcefulness and Old School grizzledness displayed here is off the charts. There are lessons to be learned.

The most valuable resource is knowledge.

Bigfoot Isn’t B.S.
Bigfoot Is Chocolate Ice Cream.

Here are the “top ten Bigfoot videos”. Do I believe Bigfoot is real? Of course not. Do I think Bigfoot is one of the great harmless humbugs of all time. Yes, Oh, YES! Lighten up and enjoy the fun.

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Keep It Old School, My Friend

The Old Man


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