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Extra Credit: The Puke Edition

“Oh, isn’t that sweet? Rolling Stone has a cute 10 year old girl on the cover.” So I walk into a local convenience store to pay for my gas. I see this on the magazine rack. Rolling Stone, a magazine which once purported to have some cachet, some hip relevance, well, now… not so much. … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit

Mini-Multi-Tool shares a “multi key Utili-Key 10-in-1 Tool”.  It could come in handy for a few jobs. It’s also good for at least five minutes of tool-related Old School discussion. Watching Golf Is Allowed A guy named “Bubba” wins the Masters. He has driven to tournaments in the General Lee. (Yes, that General Lee) … Continue reading »

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5 Cranky Things

For your entertainment pleasure, a brief list of cranky rants regarding violations of Old School rules. #1 Dear VP: In a previous crank post I mentioned Vice President Joe Biden’s uncanny similarity to Larry Tate. He proves himself “Tateworthy” again when he described Republicans by saying, “They don’t know what it means to be middle … Continue reading »

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7 Cranky Things

While you’re here, check out the BIG CONTEST page and win! In the About section of this blog I wrote… So I sound like a cranky old man, don’t I? No, far from it. Today I’ll go back on that by getting a little closer to my inner cranky old man. For your entertainment pleasure, a … Continue reading »

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