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Author Archives: The Old Man

Two Dozen Old School Things

1. Illegal fireworks 2. Minor league baseball 3. Staining the deck (Yeah, I know that plastic stuff is great, but show me a plastic tree and I’ll feel better about it.) 4. Ducks 5. Polkas at weddings 6. Having an embarrassing level of fondness for a song that 99.99% of people think is moronic 7. … Continue reading »

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The Value Of Mindless Morning Work

While you’re here, be sure to like us on Facebook. About 150 years ago, the day of a typical Old School Man (back then called “a man” and frequently “a woman” because then almost everybody was Old School) might begin like this: Fire up the wood stove Feed and water the family cow Milk the … Continue reading »

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OSR Man Of The Day: Bernie Goldblatt

Keep It Old School, My Friend The Old Man (but not as old as Bernie)

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Extra Credit

50 Creative Ways to Repurpose, Reuse and Upcycle Old Things – There are certain things that instantly remind me of my late father. One of those is jar lids screwed to the bottom of a shelf with the jars then screwed into the lid. This was one of the way Dad organized different screws and nails. … Continue reading »

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Business Lessons From Van Halen

The Old School Lesson Of Brown M&Ms This video is Old School business brilliance from David Lee Roth. Roth shares how a misunderstood, seemingly self-indulgent contract rider saved lives, exposed incompetence and added to already great branding. If you want to be a rockstar in YOUR business, this video is required viewing. Like most Old … Continue reading »

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Five Reasons To Split Wood

For a few weeks my hydraulic wood splitter was out of commission, so I went back to my “manual wood splitter”, a.k.a. my splitting maul. I’ve realized I miss it like an old friend. I will eventually fix the hydraulic splitter, but I plan on taking my time with it. Here’s why: #1 Splitting Wood … Continue reading »

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The Glory Of Failing Fast

“The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate.” Thomas J. Watson, American businessman   Here’s something you don’t see authors do that often: I’m going to tell you about a personal business failure. Then I’m going to brag about it. I had a product I wanted to get into a market semi-related to … Continue reading »

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25 Old School Rules For Winter

Two feet of snow and below freezing temperatures are no excuse to not get your Old School on. Shovel your sidewalk Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk. Reread #3 if your neighbor is elderly, handicapped or a single mom. Stock your kitchen pantry deeper than usual. Stock your bar deeper than usual. Teach your kids how to … Continue reading »

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Visit OSR Facebook Everyday And …

… get your Old School Rules Tip of the Day A big part of my personal goal list for 2013 is to live a more down to earth, authentic Old School life. Whether it’s in weight loss, entrepreneurship, athletics, achievement is rarely built on one singular action. Instead it’s built on thousands, if not hundreds … Continue reading »

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Have A Happy New & Old School Year!

Here’s To Making 2013 Old School!

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