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Author Archives: The Old Man

Extra Credit

“She loved beefsteaks” The fact that the “ideal of female physical perfection” of 1912 was 171 pounds brings a whole new meaning to the common phrase “figures adjusted for inflation”. However you look at it, or her, she sounds like a fun girl. Who is Frank Nelson? You may not recognize the name, but if … Continue reading »

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The Slinky Is Toy Cancer

The Slinky is toy cancer. It was junk when I was a kid. It’s junk today. Look at the picture. Yesterday, Christmas, three of my four sons received Slinkies in their stockings. This is what they look like today. My childhood slinky lasted about as long. It was invented when Richard James, an engineer in … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas

Wishing you the most Old School Christmas possible!* *That means get off the computer, love your family, eat good and give thanks to God. Keep It Old School, My Friend The Old Man (But while you’re here, don’t forget to like us on Facebook ☺)

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John Stossel Is Old School

When I was a kid I remember my dad and his friends discussing politics. Eventually someone would say, “Well, all politics is crooked anyway.” Then they’d all laugh and talk about something truly important, like the Steelers. Now that I’m a dad and discuss politics with my friends I have to admit my dad was … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit

Andrew Skurka Scares Grizzly Bears Andrew Skurka is the backpacker’s backpacker. He hiked the 6,875-mile Great Western Loop and the 7,778-mile Sea-to-Sea Route. Here he gives a very entertaining talk at Google, including the story of how he literally “scared the crap out of a grizzly bear” while hiking. Lumber Jack LaLanne This is a good time … Continue reading »

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Learning to Shoot a Rifle and Becoming a Marksman

There is something inherently “Old School” about heading out into the woods, rifle at hand, and sighting in a squirrel at 100 yards…feeling the wood stock against your cheek… you inhale and hold your breath as you use the sling of your rifle to steady your aim… your finger slightly presses the trigger… *CRACK* All … Continue reading »

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Have A Grizzled Christmas!

Everything about Christmas isn’t sweetness and light. There’s an Old School grizzled nature to it, too. From a man going Roddy Piper on a heretic to men on the battlefield, here are two of my favorite grizzled Christmas stories. “I came here to eat candy canes and slap heretics and right now I’m all out of … Continue reading »

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Only Bob Costas Should Shop At AutoZone

An AutoZone worker who stopped an armed robbery by retrieving a weapon from his truck said he was fired by the company for violating their gun policy. When I read stories like this — and, yes, there are many stories “like this”, it feels as though society wants to punish heroism and replace every real … Continue reading »

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Happy Thanksgiving

General Thanksgiving By the PRESIDENT of the United States Of America A PROCLAMATION WHEREAS it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favour; and Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their … Continue reading »

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Like many of you, I’m weary of the barrage of political posts on Facebook. What I dread most are the POST-election campaign posts, where people will feel compelled to obnoxiously gloat if their guy wins. With this mind, join me in taking the “NO POLITICAL GLOATING” PLEDGE. If my favorite wins, I promise not to … Continue reading »

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