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A Man’s Work

It is one of my personal credos to never mock the way another man feeds his family. Some of this viewpoint comes from my own line of work (I essentially talk and do card tricks for a living) and some of this comes from having had a father who lived through the Great Depression and … Continue reading »

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Muck Boots

Don’t forget to give us some Facebook love. Please like us and share us on your wall. Today I woke up at 630 am. I slept in. Looked at the thermostat. I was happy to see the wood/coal furnace was still keeping things warm, but I suspected it was low on wood. I walked the 150 … Continue reading »

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While you’re here, please like us on Facebook & check out the BIG CONTEST page and win! Somebody else gets it. Lonely Nerds In Fedoras is a website filled with pictures of lonely nerds in fedoras. It says in photo form what I sweated to make clear when I began this blog. Old School can only … Continue reading »

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18 Tips To Dress Like An Old School Man

No man toes. Sure guys, it’s summer. And you want to wear sandals. That’s fine. Just wear sandals that cover up your toes. Nobody wants to see man toes. Nobody. Dress trousers should have proper creases in them. You’re wearing trousers, not sweatpants. Apparently, this trait is even enough to get someone elected president, according … Continue reading »

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Brother, Get Yourself A Robe

Before We Begin, A Word of Warning: What The Robe Is Not The Dude’s robe, with all its cinematic charms, doesn’t approach Old School in real life. A proper robe is an embodiment of an important rule. Scenario A Picture Winston Churchill during WWII. It’s early in the morning at 10 Downing Street. A last minute … Continue reading »

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