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Izhar Gafni: OSR Man Of The Day

He made a bike out of cardboard. This guy reminds me of my dad and his Old School buds who built stuff in their workshops (an Old School Man must have a workshop) for the simple pleasure of doing it and the joy of beating a self-imposed challenge.   Izhar cardboard bike project from Giora … Continue reading »

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We’re Getting Ducks

… just because I want’em We got our six chickens a little less than a year ago. Here’s how that went down. Step one: Think about getting chickens. Step two: Accidentally mention I’m getting chickens to my (then) four, three and two year old boys. Step three: Prepare myself to infrequently (every 5-10 minutes) hear, … Continue reading »

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Are You Old School Enough To Swing An Ax? Get Your Wood Now, Nancy Boy!

If you’re new to Old School Rules, please take a few moments to read some posts and look around. Also… #1 Before you head out to your wood pile, don’t forget to click the link at the top and “like” Old School Rules blog on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed, too. #2 Spread … Continue reading »

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The iCup

I near Amish level solution to iPhone amplification. Keep it Old School, my friend The Old Man PS: The Two Favors #1 You did remember to empty the cup first, right? Good. Now don’t forget to click the link at the top and “like” Old School Rules blog on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS … Continue reading »

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You’ve Read Too Much. Now Start Doing.

A Parable: How Did SIX Chickens Cross The Road? I have a chicken tractor (a portable chicken coop that I move around the homestead) in my backyard. It contains six hens or, as I greet them when I feed them, “Hello, ladies.” I feed them. Make sure they have water. Get eggs when they give … Continue reading »

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Projects For Old School Boy Fun (Part 1)

(And Old School Dad Fun, Too!!) The REAL Dangerous Book for Boys In 2007 The Dangerous Book for Boys was a bestselling sensation. I feel it’s a great book, even with what you’re about to read. This book encouraged me to start (or more accurately, renew) my collection of this literary genre. The most dangerous … Continue reading »

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How To Build A Fire Pit

Fire. I don’t know what it is or why, but there’s something special about sitting around a fire on a cool night. Most things that people sit and stare at — video games, television, computer screens — separate people. But get a group of friends or family sitting and staring into a fire and you … Continue reading »

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Six Uses For An Empty Cigar Box

So you’ve smoked the last one. What will you do with the empty box? I’ve smoked cigars for twenty-five plus years and while I don’t have every empty box from my smokes, I’ve saved at least forty of them. Goofy? Probably. Quirky? Definitely. So in an attempt to have excuses for my quirky goofiness, I … Continue reading »

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