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I am so old I remember…

… when crazy people had hospital rooms, not TV shows. There’s a TV show called Hoarders and… blah, blah. Enough said. You get the point. Hundreds of years ago people would take tours through mental hospitals as a form of entertainment. You can see this portrayed in the classic 1946 Val Lewton horror film Bedlam. Now this … Continue reading »

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OSR @ The Movies: Gran Torino

I love this movie. I grew up with many Walt Kowalskis. Capable men. Tough men. At times, grizzled men. Men that drank beer without opining on its taste or hops. Men that were flawed. Men that had a less than genteel sense of humor. To borrow a line from Walt’s priest, the movie was “bittersweet.” … Continue reading »

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TV & The Royal Wedding

A few hours ago a nice young British couple married. From the clips I saw on TV over breakfast, it was a big to do. Before this wedding, several media luminaries commented, “Who cares? You couldn’t pay me to watch it. What a waste of time! This is ridiculous!” You get the idea. Apparently they … Continue reading »

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Nicholas Brothers: A Cure For Lady Gaga

I know diddly about musical ability and less about dancing. But talent? When it’s big enough anybody can see it. Unfortunately, what passes for talent today is often the talent of a publicist and not the performer. One day she is in a meat dress. The other day she arrives in an egg. In the words … Continue reading »

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