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How To Use Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

When you do eventually go over to Facebook, please like us and share us on your wall. Eat them! That’s how you “use” them. Do you really need suggestions for this? If you need a blog post to tell you to slap some turkey and mayo between two slices of bread, who tied your shoelaces … Continue reading »

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Diet Comfort Food

While you’re here, like us on Facebook & check out the BIG CONTEST page and win! I’ve come to a realization recently. An epiphany actually. Or, as it put in the vernacular of the day, a “Well, duh!” moment. I am fat because I eat too much. I will now sit here and wait for my … Continue reading »

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“Eat breakfast like a king…”

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper.” In an effort to drop more than a few pounds, I’ve decided to adopt this bit of Old School wisdom to my diet. Breakfast is often skipped or rushed. OSR digression alert An Old School Man knows he’s kidding himself 95% … Continue reading »

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Find The Perfect Late Night Diner

While you’re here, do the Old Man a favor and “like” OSR on our Facebook page. It’s late. 2:30 am late. Jon just got off the late shift. Adam is always up anyway. You and the buds are looking for a place to discuss and debate the finer things of life with multiple cups of coffee.You … Continue reading »

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Coffee Soup

My late father was born in 1917 and lived through the fun, joyous time we fondly refer to as “The Great Depression”. From what I saw of him and men of his age those tough economic times changed them in ways both great and small. The depression era breakfast dish called coffee soup is one of … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit

Why is Captain America so Old School? Good guys win, bad guys lose and the girls are pretty. (If that’s not a country song, it should be.) The key to making a good comic book movie is sticking like bionic Super Glue to the premise that made the original comic book work. That’s why Spiderman … Continue reading »

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The Scotch Egg (You’re welcome)

It begins with a hard cooked egg. The egg is then wrapped up with a good ground sausage. The sausage covered egg is lightly breaded then deep-fried. A hearty food that lives in the nether world between snack and full-blown meal. Which is it? When the grub has this much Old School goodness, who cares? … Continue reading »

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Wilford Brimley Will Kill You In Your Sleep

While you probably recognize Wilford Brimley as an actor, oatmeal pitchman and advocate for diabetes victims, you probably don’t realize how Old School he is… Chuck Norris can beat Wilford Brimley; Wilford Brimley’s mustache can beat Chuck Norris. Before acting, Brimley worked as a ranch hand, wrangler, blacksmith, and a bodyguard for Howard Hughes in the same day. Brimley’s actual first … Continue reading »

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The First Chili Post (#1 of 5,570)

*Before you get caught in the pure rapture that is chili, don’t forget to click the link at the top of the page and “like” Old School Rules blog on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe, too. OK, let’s get started. Let’s get one thing straight. Chili is the finest food on earth. Cowboys. Cook-offs. Meat. … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit

The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness I’ve had a ton of people send me this video because, no doubt, of its comical take on Old School thinking. It is solid funny. I’m pretty sure this is what Old School sounds like after half a bottle of Scotch. The inspiration for the Swanson Pyramid is, of course, the John Wooden … Continue reading »

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