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Only Bob Costas Should Shop At AutoZone

An AutoZone worker who stopped an armed robbery by retrieving a weapon from his truck said he was fired by the company for violating their gun policy. When I read stories like this — and, yes, there are many stories “like this”, it feels as though society wants to punish heroism and replace every real … Continue reading »

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Samuel Williams: OSR Man Of The Day

On July 14 (last Friday) Samuel Williams was sitting in the Palms Internet Cafe in Marion County, Florida minding his own business. Then two masked punks walked into the place. One of the men was brandishing a gun while the other had a bat. They started ordering patrons around and one smashed a computer screen. That’s when … Continue reading »

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The AR-7

*Before you get your James Bond on, don’t forget to click the link to the right and “like” Old School Rules blog on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe, too. OK, let’s get started. “James Bond had one!” So several years ago I’m sitting in the den of the “underground legend,” RB. In his seventies now … Continue reading »

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Ralphie Was Right! BB Guns Rule!

Six Reasons BB Guns Are In My Boys’ Lives For your edification, one of the best movies ever. It features the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun that my boys and I love. We go out shooting frequently. Here’s why. #1 Some day real guns will be in my boys lives. (Not that bb guns aren’t … Continue reading »

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