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Have A Grizzled Christmas!

Everything about Christmas isn’t sweetness and light. There’s an Old School grizzled nature to it, too. From a man going Roddy Piper on a heretic to men on the battlefield, here are two of my favorite grizzled Christmas stories. “I came here to eat candy canes and slap heretics and right now I’m all out of … Continue reading »

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A Day of Memorial

Memorial Day is commonly thought of as the “beginning of summer” and a “three day weekend”. Sad. At one time Memorial Day was on May 30, regardless of the weekday, but since the National Holiday Act of 1971, it’s been wedged into the three day weekend mode. Despite efforts to get it changed back and put … Continue reading »

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Valentine’s Day Part 4: The Hidden Value

Last Sunday at church I was joking with the mom of a particularly cute three year old girl. “You do realize that once she’s of marrying age she’ll no doubt be courted by all four of my boys.” And that brings us to the last Valentine’s post for 2012 and the most important. One of … Continue reading »

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Valentine’s Day Part 3: Flowers The OSR Way

I firmly believe God made women to like flowers so men couldn’t screw things up so much. This being a fallen world, we men still manage to screw it up. The OSR Guide To Flowers 1. Yeah, I know flowers go up in price dramatically before Valentine’s Day. Suck it up and spend the bucks. 2. … Continue reading »

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Valentine’s Day: Don’t Screw It Up, Sparky

I have never thought of myself as a smooth ladies man kind of guy. The Smokin’ Hot Wife has never thought of me in that way, either. Yet despite this, I am a fat middle aged guy who has a Smokin’ Hot Wife who is awesome in every other way, too. Sure, God paired speech … Continue reading »

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Old School Hot Chocolate

Don’t forget to give us some Facebook love. Please like us and share us on your wall. So a good buddy of mine has been dating this certain young lady for a spell (spell, good word). She and her kids came over his house two nights ago to decorate his tree, have some hot chocolate … Continue reading »

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