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Two Dozen Old School Things

1. Illegal fireworks 2. Minor league baseball 3. Staining the deck (Yeah, I know that plastic stuff is great, but show me a plastic tree and I’ll feel better about it.) 4. Ducks 5. Polkas at weddings 6. Having an embarrassing level of fondness for a song that 99.99% of people think is moronic 7. … Continue reading »

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10 Things That Are Not Old School

1. Vampire movies where the vampire is the hero, sympathetic or in any way not complete blood sucking evil. The Twilight junk is the easiest example, but Coppola’s Dracula movie did the same thing and even the talent of Gary Oldman couldn’t save it. 2. Peanut butter containing anything but peanuts and salt. 3. Light … Continue reading »

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Don’t Leave These Off Your Winter Checklist, Nancy Boy!

  My backyard around 2 p.m. today. Today at the homestead is one of those perfect snow days. Sufficient snow to make the yard fun yet insufficient snow to make driving a pain. That’s livin’! But I’m thinking it may not stay this way, so here’s your winter checklist that every Old School Man will … Continue reading »

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50 More Old School Things, People & Places

When you do eventually go over to Facebook, please like us and share us on your wall. 1. Army surplus stores (If you’re a guy and can’t spend at least fifteen enjoyable minutes just looking around, well, you are not a guy.) 2. Kids playing in the woods 3. The salamander a kid is holding … Continue reading »

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