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Old School Skills

Five Reasons To Split Wood

For a few weeks my hydraulic wood splitter was out of commission, so I went back to my “manual wood splitter”, a.k.a. my splitting maul. I’ve realized I miss it like an old friend. I will eventually fix the hydraulic splitter, but I plan on taking my time with it. Here’s why: #1 Splitting Wood … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit

Andrew Skurka Scares Grizzly Bears Andrew Skurka is the backpacker’s backpacker. He hiked the 6,875-mile Great Western Loop and the 7,778-mile Sea-to-Sea Route. Here he gives a very entertaining talk at Google, including the story of how he literally “scared the crap out of a grizzly bear” while hiking. Lumber Jack LaLanne This is a good time … Continue reading »

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The Rick Perry Memory Course

If you’ve turned on the TV or have been online in the past 36 hours you’ve seen this clip from the November 9, 2011 Republican Presidential debate. It’s Texas Governor Rick Perry completely flubbing an answer because he can’t remember the third of three departments he’d like to eliminate. Here’s the hard to watch 53 second … Continue reading »

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