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Making Boys Into Men: A Small Step

A few months ago a friend of mine, Aaron, and I were discussing Vern Poythress, a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.  Dr. Poythress had taken an unusual approach to raising his sons. Dr. Poythress essentially has borrowed from the Jewish tradition of  training and ceremony that is the bar mitzvah and put it … Continue reading »

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Ralphie Was Right! BB Guns Rule!

Six Reasons BB Guns Are In My Boys’ Lives For your edification, one of the best movies ever. It features the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun that my boys and I love. We go out shooting frequently. Here’s why. #1 Some day real guns will be in my boys lives. (Not that bb guns aren’t … Continue reading »

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How To Impress Your Date’s Dad

(Or at least avoid a beating) The last thing you want her dad to show you. Are you an Old School dad? Do you have a daughter of dating age? Have you ever wanted to say to your daughter, “Where did you find this putz?” Then this post is for you! Happy Fathers Day, Big … Continue reading »

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Projects For Old School Boy Fun (Part 1)

(And Old School Dad Fun, Too!!) The REAL Dangerous Book for Boys In 2007 The Dangerous Book for Boys was a bestselling sensation. I feel it’s a great book, even with what you’re about to read. This book encouraged me to start (or more accurately, renew) my collection of this literary genre. The most dangerous … Continue reading »

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Have Breakfast With Your Son

I love breakfast time. I’m an early riser and so is my eldest son. Not as early as I am (thankfully) but early enough so we can enjoy breakfast together. Not just eating, but preparing it, anticipating it and talking while we hang out together. Here’s why to get into this practice.   You can … Continue reading »

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Five Great FUN Father & Son Meals

Some fathers & sons love baseball. Some love hunting. Some love fill–in–the–blank. But regardless of what you and your little men love to do, you all love to eat. But food is more than eating.  In current P.O.S. times (That’s not Piece Of Skubalon. It’s Post Old School), families don’t eat together that often. This … Continue reading »

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Building A Work Ethic In Your Sons

  When I was about twenty I was helping my dad with yard work around his house. He had me hauling soil in a wheelbarrow from a neighbor’s yard to our yard. I sat down for a moment to catch my breath and Dad said, “Hard work, huh, son?” I replied, “Yeah, but it doesn’t … Continue reading »

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