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“Eat breakfast like a king…”

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper.” In an effort to drop more than a few pounds, I’ve decided to adopt this bit of Old School wisdom to my diet. Breakfast is often skipped or rushed. OSR digression alert An Old School Man knows he’s kidding himself 95% … Continue reading »

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Wilford Brimley Will Kill You In Your Sleep

While you probably recognize Wilford Brimley as an actor, oatmeal pitchman and advocate for diabetes victims, you probably don’t realize how Old School he is… Chuck Norris can beat Wilford Brimley; Wilford Brimley’s mustache can beat Chuck Norris. Before acting, Brimley worked as a ranch hand, wrangler, blacksmith, and a bodyguard for Howard Hughes in the same day. Brimley’s actual first … Continue reading »

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