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Merry Christmas & Best of 2011

I’ll be taking the next week off from the blog to recharge batteries, do some writing, split some wood, make chili, punch a Nazi — you know, Old School stuff. As I always like to remind you, don’t forget to give us some Facebook lovin’. Please like us and share us on your wall. It’s what keeps … Continue reading »

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50 More Old School Things, People & Places

When you do eventually go over to Facebook, please like us and share us on your wall. 1. Army surplus stores (If you’re a guy and can’t spend at least fifteen enjoyable minutes just looking around, well, you are not a guy.) 2. Kids playing in the woods 3. The salamander a kid is holding … Continue reading »

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A Music Video That’s About As Old School As It Gets

Russell Moore (mentioned in an earlier post) has a new podcast called the Cross & the Jukebox, discussing roots, music and religion — where Bocephus meets Josephus. (I would give my eyeteeth and yours to come up with that last line.) I’ve listened to several and have enjoyed them immensely. I recommend you do, too. His comments on … Continue reading »

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