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Making Boys Into Men: A Small Step

A few months ago a friend of mine, Aaron, and I were discussing Vern Poythress, a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.  Dr. Poythress had taken an unusual approach to raising his sons. Dr. Poythress essentially has borrowed from the Jewish tradition of  training and ceremony that is the bar mitzvah and put it … Continue reading »

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Are You Old School Enough To Swing An Ax? Get Your Wood Now, Nancy Boy!

If you’re new to Old School Rules, please take a few moments to read some posts and look around. Also… #1 Before you head out to your wood pile, don’t forget to click the link at the top and “like” Old School Rules blog on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed, too. #2 Spread … Continue reading »

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Ralphie Was Right! BB Guns Rule!

Six Reasons BB Guns Are In My Boys’ Lives For your edification, one of the best movies ever. It features the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun that my boys and I love. We go out shooting frequently. Here’s why. #1 Some day real guns will be in my boys lives. (Not that bb guns aren’t … Continue reading »

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How To Build A Fire Pit

Fire. I don’t know what it is or why, but there’s something special about sitting around a fire on a cool night. Most things that people sit and stare at — video games, television, computer screens — separate people. But get a group of friends or family sitting and staring into a fire and you … Continue reading »

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