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I Have Cracked The Rob Bell Code

Rob Bell is a guy who until recently, had dyed blonde highlights and spanky-lookin’ trendy eyeglasses. Not Old School. Recently he wrote a book. He called it “Love Wins”. I think he called it that because the title, “Heresy, Twisted Scripture, Ignore God’s Justice and 2,000 Years of Christian History” seemed, well, too wordy. (If … Continue reading »

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You’ve Read Too Much. Now Start Doing.

A Parable: How Did SIX Chickens Cross The Road? I have a chicken tractor (a portable chicken coop that I move around the homestead) in my backyard. It contains six hens or, as I greet them when I feed them, “Hello, ladies.” I feed them. Make sure they have water. Get eggs when they give … Continue reading »

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Harold Camping May Have Disappeared, But His Followers Have Not

Saturday, May 21, hundreds of people waited to be raptured into heaven. That same day millions of people waited for a punch line to a joke. I have problems with both groups. Harold Camping claimed to know God’s timetable, but God makes it pretty clear only He knows. Matthew 24:36  “But concerning that day and … Continue reading »

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