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Old School Rules uses truth & humor to cut through the trendiness, hype & bull that is today’s culture. We also like to make fun of pseudo-masculinity at either extreme, both macho and metrosexual.

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The blog’s audience has been growing like … like… something that grows a lot! (Gotta work on those analogies…) And we want it go grow more.


The Old School Rules
“Get Big! Get Involved!” Contest

First, the Old School Prizes. The winner gets both. An Old School Man is rarely without two things — a quality leather wallet and a pocketknife/multi-toolOld School Rules wants to make sure the winner has the best in both.

Saddleback Leather Bifold Wallet.

Guaranteed for 100 years! They’ll fight over it when you’re dead. This is the wallet I carry every day. (Don’t worry, you won’t get mine. You’ll get a brand spankin’ new one.) Saddleback Leather products are unmatched, manly, rugged, long-lasting… Old School!  Get the scoop on Saddleback Leather (as well as a quick education in all things leather) here.

Like most men, I’ve had dozens of wallets in my life. This will be the last one. It’s just that good.



And another prize. The world will be a better place when every man carries a pocketknife/multi-tool. Introducing…

The Leatherman CS4

I make no apologies for sounding over the top. I love this thing.

The Leatherman CS4



The name is synonymous with Old School reliability in a multi-tool. This is the model I carry every day. (Don’t worry, you won’t get mine. You’ll get a brand spankin’ new one.) There are larger Leatherman multi-tools, but a larger model is more of a challenge to carry on a daily basis and if I don’t carry it a tool won’t be helpful no matter how good it is. The CS4 is the perfect size to have with you every single day.


Leatherman CS4 Multitool Capabilities:
Needlenose pliers♦ Straight knife ♦Wire cutters ♦Hard-wire cutters ♦Extra-small screwdriver♦ Small screwdriver ♦Medium/large screwdriver ♦Phillips screwdriver♦ Lanyard attachment♦ Can/bottle opener ♦Corkscrew with assist♦ Scissors ♦Saw♦ Awl♦Batman feeling

“A multi-tool is the closest thing you’ll get to Batman’s Utility Belt this side of reality.”


How to win YOUR Old School Prize!

Step One: Like Old School Rules (OSR) on Facebook. Required to win.

Step Two: Comment on the OSR posts on the OSR Facebook page or the blog itself. Every comment you make is another chance to win!

Step Three: Post this page on your facebook status. Post your favorite posts on your facebook page. Encourage other to “like” Old School Rules on Facebook. Link to your favorite posts. My goal for this contest is to reach 1,000 fans.

Once 1,000 fans are reached, I choose a name from all the people that have commented on Facebook and the blog. Choice will be made on number & quality of comments. Then…  WE HAVE OUR WINNER!!*

There are two goals for this contest.

#1. To begin creating a Old School Rules “community” on our Facebook page and blog.  This prizes will encourage you to get in on the discussion.

#2. To increase the size of the community and readership. Once we hit 1,000 fans on Facebook – ding, ding, ding — it’s over ring the bell, time to announce a winner.

Keep it Old School my friend,

The Old Man, Chris Dixon

*More contest details and legalese here


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