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The Ultimate Santa Photo Secret

Posted by on December 7, 2011

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Now is the time of year when thousands of parents will trek to the mall to get a picture of their young kids in Santa’s lap.

Like many things there is wrong way and the Old School way.

The Wrong Way

This is disgusting.

Look at that kid.
He’s happy.
Look at that Santa.
He’s happy.

You know who isn’t happy? Anybody who has to look at this incredibly boring photo.

But it didn’t have to happen. Thousands of kids, maybe even Sparky here, cry with dreaded fear as soon as their butts hit Santa’s knees. And what do parents do? Do they say, “Snap the picture!!!” No! They take ten minutes calming down the terrified tots. NOOOOOOOO!! Take the picture!

The Old School Way


The kids are terrified.
Santa is about to reach for the flask of Old Crow he keeps in his back pocket.
Everyone in this picture is miserable.

You know who isn’t miserable? You and anyone else that looks at this photo. Don’t know who these kids are, but if they should come across my humble blog I say…

Thank you. And thank your parents for getting the whole point of Santa photos. When you show this photo to your kids it will be a part of a fun family memory, unlike that boring little boy in the first photo.

To get a better idea of how great these photos are, google “bad santa pictures” and you’ll see GREAT Santa pictures. If you have young children that still fear Santa, you are sitting on a comedy gold mine. Don’t blow it.

The Old School Rules 3 Step Plan
For A Great Santa Photo

Step one: Get them in Santa’s lap.
Step two: They scream.
Step three: Snap the photo NOW!

If these three steps take more than ten seconds, you’re not doing it right.

Feel free to post photos of terrified children on our Facebook page.

Keep it Old School, my friend

The Old Man, Chris Dixon

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