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What is “Old School Rules”?

Old School Rules uses truth & humor to cut through the trendiness, hype & bull that is today’s culture. We also like to make fun of metrosexuals.

Why Old School Rules Now?

We live in a time of trendiness and fleeting fads.
We’ve gone from 300 page books, to 5 page web article, to 144 character twitter tweets.
We have gone from guaranteed-for-life Zippo lighters to disposable butane lighters. Everything is throwaway.
From home cookin’ (never ever pronounced with the “g”) to franchise restaurants that are exactly the same wherever they are.
We have gone from small church pastors that knew the scriptures to mega-church C.E.O. style “speakers” — I will not allow myself to think they actually pastor anyone — who could have their theological knowledge shown up by the thirteen year old from one hundred fifty years ago.
And while the media focus on them appears to have waned, we still have metrosexuals.

So I sound like a cranky old man, don’t I?

No, far from it. My name is Chris Dixon and I’m a Christian middle aged husband of one and father of four that has been blessed to have a lot of old school examples in my life. Men that stood up when a lady entered a room. Men that read books. Men that had exchanges like this:

Scott: “Tim, do you have your pocketknife with you?”

Tim: “I’m wearing my trousers, aren’t I?”

If you understood why that was funny, get a cup of coffee and relax. You’re at the right blog for you.

So what is Old School?

More than anything, things that are Old School have lasting value. That’s why they are old school. It’s not being simply old that make something old school. There’s a lot of stuff that is old that you’d have to be a moron to use. My first computer was a 386sx. It’s old but has no value.  My late father’s tools? The knowledge of how to use them? That’s lasting. That’s Old School.

Sometimes it’s “God is great” serious. Many times it’s just funny and quirky, like listening to someone espouse the virtues of an authentic Spanish tortilla. (The quintessential egg-related good eats. If I haven’t red the tortilla post yet, read it here.)

What’s the purpose of this blog?

To encourage, inform and entertain men on the old school path. Sorry, ladies, but while we welcome your visits (and everything else about you) having a wife and daughter has taught me my ability to comment (let alone pontificate) on anything feminine will be greeted with deserved mocking.

So what makes you such a big shot expert?

Nothing and I don’t claim to be. I write this, like I hope I do all my writing, with the attitude of “I’m just a fellow beggar telling my fellow beggars where I found some bread.”


This site is for entertainment purposes only. While every effort has been made to give the most accurate information,  readers are using the information on this site at their own risk. Any reliance you place on such information and actions you take are therefore strictly at your own risk. Old Schools Rules and its writers will not compensate you in any way whatsoever if you ever happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of information in this blog. Please seek professional advice.

Old School Rules is an Amazon affiliate and we include links from time to time to Amazon products.

Contest legalese: This blog will occasionally host a contest, prize giveaways and the occasional pig roast. We do this to make things fun, increase the popularity of the site and give even more to the readers. But here’s the deal, the whole deal and nothing but the deal. No purchase necessary. You must be over 18 to win, unless we change our mind. We reserve the right to change rules, especially if we see someone is taking advantage of an unforeseen snarky loophole. We reserve the sole right to determine the winner. (We’re in charge. We play fair. But we admit, spunky cuteness goes a long way with us.) I guess in a way these are not much contests, but ways for us to express our benevolence on strangers, and that ain’t too bad. We reserve the right to award prizes electronically. Example: the prizes for the “Get Big! Get Involved!” contest will be the current price equivalent in awarded in a Amazon gift certificate at the time of this writing. That amount, rounded up because we are so diddly-doo generous, is $110. The winner will receive that amount in an e-Amazon gift card.

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