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Author Archives: The Old Man

The State of the Union Address: A Guide For Kids!

Hi Kids, The State of the Union speech is when the president visits congress and gives a BIG speech and it’s all over TV. Exciting, huh? It wasn’t always that way. A hundred years ago and earlier, presidents wrote down the speech and just turned it in like a homework assignment. But starting with Woodrow Wilson, … Continue reading »

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26 Things That Are The Building Blocks Of Successful Communication (#7 Is The Beginning Of Greatness)

1. A 2. B 3. C 4. D 5. E 6. F 7. G 8. H 9. I 10. J 11. K 12. L 13. M 14. N 15. O 16. P 17. Q 18. R 19. S 20. T 21. U 22. V 23. W 24. X 25. Y 26. Z

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Extra Credit

The Amphicar It is an accepted trait of the Old School man that he is a little nuts. A man with no interesting past times gets boring, but quick. Built in Germany from 1961 to 1968, the Amphicar is the only civilian amphibious passenger automobile ever to be mass produced. A total of 3,878 vehicles … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit

Russia: Surprisingly Old School At least half of these 16 traits give Russians Old School street cred. Uphill, both ways, yada yada … “A story about a teacher assigned to a one-room schoolhouse in South Dakota in the 1880s will confirm suspicions that America has gone soft when it comes to dealing with the cold. The story … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit

Helping The Homeless One Man At A Time Instead of driving by a homeless guy and avoiding eye contact, Joe Manzaneres gave him a job. “Chris Rezac holds a different sign today, one that advertises realtor Joe Manzaneres’s business, and his life has changed because of the new and guaranteed income. Not only that, the … Continue reading »

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Why Krispy Kreme Is Better Than Starbucks

Starbucks calls a large coffee a “venti”. Krispy Kreme calls a large coffee a “large”. And they call a small coffee a “tall” and a medium coffee a “grande”. There’s no logic there. How about this, Starbucks: call a small a “tall”, a medium a “super tall” and a large an “Andre the Giant”? Stupid? … Continue reading »

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Start Your WINTER Reading List

Summer reading lists are off by about six months. A winter reading list makes much more sense. It’s cold outside. Barely anything is green. Winter is THE time to get in your big leather chair by the fire place or wood burner stove (central air vent?) and dig deep into a book or ten. But … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit

4 Resolutions You Couldn’t Make In 1999 “There are no new sins, only more diverse and efficient ways of committing them. Before we let the mainstream of 21st Century culture catch us in its current, let’s hit pause for a moment and get our bearings. Perhaps it’s time to swim against the information flow.” (I originally found … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit

OSR Man Of The Day: Patrick Angelo Patrick Angelo stops at the McDonald’s on Ontario Street, where his order of 80 hamburgers and 47 coffees is ready and waiting. He found it in 2001, he said, sitting in his Jacuzzi on a bitter February day. “I thought, ‘How can I sit here, in this warm bath in … Continue reading »

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Miley Cyrus And The Location Of Your Bathtub

I didn’t want to write about this. Everybody and their Facebook uncle has written about it. So against better judgment, here we go. A twenty year old female danced like a trollop in front of millions. What’s so surprising about this? Is it because she’s so young? No. I think it’s a safe bet there have … Continue reading »

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