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Miley Cyrus And The Location Of Your Bathtub

I didn’t want to write about this. Everybody and their Facebook uncle has written about it. So against better judgment, here we go. A twenty year old female danced like a trollop in front of millions. What’s so surprising about this? Is it because she’s so young? No. I think it’s a safe bet there have … Continue reading »

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Making Fun Home Movies That Won’t Bore Your Friends

(OR How We Made An Epic Bible Movie In Less Than An Hour. Take That, Cecil B. Demille!) The 8mm camera. My dad had one. If you’re my age, your dad probably had one. If a guy in the 60s and 70s wanted to make a movie of a party or vacation, he took out … Continue reading »

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Ron Swanson

Occasionally  a TV character comes along that embodies so many Old School Rules his mere imaginary existence makes the world a better place. I, of course, am referring to Parks & Recreation’s Ron Swanson. Enjoy.   Keep It Old School, my friend The Old Man

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Put Away Your Camera And Live In The Now

I was watching a political rally on TV. The camera panned back so I could see the crowd. There were over a thousand supporters in the audience with about one hundred visible on screen. Several dozens of those people were holding up their smart phones to record the speaker. I don’t get it. These people … Continue reading »

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Great Road Radio

Don’t forget to give us some Facebook lovin’. Please like us and share us on your wall. Coast to Coast AM with George Noory If you’re driving late at night, do yourself a favor and listen look for Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. The talk show currently airs seven nights a week 1:00 a.m. – 5:00 … Continue reading »

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Dogs Playing Poker

Don’t forget to give us some Facebook lovin’.Please like us and share us on your wall. Corrupt Canines Cassius Marcellus Coolidge invented those amusement park plywood cartoon cutouts of muscle men or bathing beauties.  The cutouts have a hole for you to put your face. Your stick your face in the hole. Your friends take … Continue reading »

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Stake Land & Old School Vampire Killin’

I became a grandfather for the first time a few days back. Hooray! Nine pound, eight ounce Noah is the first grandson of what I hope will be a very big Old School family tree. So in keeping with my newly found geriatric tendencies, I’ve delegated this post to an loyal Old School bud and … Continue reading »

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The DC Comic Book Reboot

It’s been about 10 days since the last post. Why? Crazy work schedule, thousands of miles and eight states. It’s good to be back. Thanks for stopping by.   When most people hear the term “comic book”, they almost automatically want to add the word “geek”. And when most people hear the phrase “comic book … Continue reading »

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A Music Video That’s About As Old School As It Gets

Russell Moore (mentioned in an earlier post) has a new podcast called the Cross & the Jukebox, discussing roots, music and religion — where Bocephus meets Josephus. (I would give my eyeteeth and yours to come up with that last line.) I’ve listened to several and have enjoyed them immensely. I recommend you do, too. His comments on … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit

Why is Captain America so Old School? Good guys win, bad guys lose and the girls are pretty. (If that’s not a country song, it should be.) The key to making a good comic book movie is sticking like bionic Super Glue to the premise that made the original comic book work. That’s why Spiderman … Continue reading »

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