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Why Krispy Kreme Is Better Than Starbucks

Starbucks calls a large coffee a “venti”. Krispy Kreme calls a large coffee a “large”. And they call a small coffee a “tall” and a medium coffee a “grande”. There’s no logic there. How about this, Starbucks: call a small a “tall”, a medium a “super tall” and a large an “Andre the Giant”? Stupid? … Continue reading »

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Chili Has A New Girlfriend (#4 Chili Post of 5,570)

Crushed crackers A sprinkle of grated cheese A hot pepper A dollop (“dollop” great word) of sour cream All of these have found their place on a bowl of red. You’ve probably tried them all. Let me give you one you may not have tried yet. A dollop (“dollop” still a great word) of horseradish … Continue reading »

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Valentine’s Day Part 2: What Should Women Do For Men?

I’m tired of Valentine’s Day being a one way street for women. Men do all the work, buy all the stuff, make all the plans and the women just get, get and get. Thankfully, the Smokin’ Hot Wife is on the same page with me. A few minutes ago she called my home office and … Continue reading »

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Extra Credit: The Guns & Bananas Edition

This Saturday Take A MANcation I love Cabela’s. Love it. I live an hour from one and several Saturdays I’ve gathered up the boys and have made a day trip of it. The mountain o’ taxidermy. The walk through aquarium. Good eats in upstairs. January 21-22 and February 11-12 there’s an extra reason to make … Continue reading »

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In Memoriam: Dan Evins, Founder of Cracker Barrel

  Dan Evins, founder of Cracker Barrel restaurant chain, died Saturday at the age of 76. It’s one of the few chains that always seems to have that Old School feel, at least at every one I have visited. If you have spent even half the time I have on the U.S. interstates, you should … Continue reading »

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Christmas Cookie Exchange OF DEATH!

It’s the Thrilla ‘n Manilla and a UFC title match wrapped in cookie dough. Seemingly sweet gatherings of nice women getting together, ensconced (“ensconced” — good word) in holiday themed applique sweaters, sharing their holiday treat best. What it really is is a no holds barred, “don’t go bringin’ yo dull chocolate chip wannabes, them … Continue reading »

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Breakfast Eats

This is one of the Smokin’ Hot Wife’s most recent “Go-To” recipes. It’s the goodness of bacon, eggs, ham, cheese, tomatoes and onions stuffed into a sourdough bread loaf. The bread keeps it’s delicious crunchy chewiness while the fixin’s (fixin’s — always a good word) inside achieve a wonderful casserolean (yeah, it’s a word… at … Continue reading »

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Old School Hot Chocolate

Don’t forget to give us some Facebook love. Please like us and share us on your wall. So a good buddy of mine has been dating this certain young lady for a spell (spell, good word). She and her kids came over his house two nights ago to decorate his tree, have some hot chocolate … Continue reading »

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Old School Engagements & Cookies

Don’t forget to give us some Facebook love. Please like us and share us on your wall. OSR on Engagements If you’re one of the many people becoming engaged during the holiday season, I’ve got  a question for you: If you bought a car, why would you want to wait a year to drive it … Continue reading »

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Devils on Horseback (It involves bacon)

When you do eventually go over to Facebook, please like us and share us on your wall. No, Devils on Horseback is not a bad Ghost Rider prequel. It’s food. It’s bacon-wrapped food. Every reader just thought, “I’m listening.” It’s prunes (dried plums to the marketing-minded) stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. The mixture … Continue reading »

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