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Old School Dogs

Don’t forget to give us some Facebook love. Please like us and share us on your wall. You don’t get to choose your relatives. You only half-choose your friends because they have to choose you back. But a dog? That choice is all yours. Do it up Old School. Old School Rules For The Family … Continue reading »

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The Old School Guide To Trick-or-Treating

In a few hours kids will be walking from house to house mooching candy. And it will be cheerfully given, unlike when the government takes our stuff. Good times. It should be a fun time for every one — kids, parents and the kind folks dishing out the treats. Sadly, as the world gets less … Continue reading »

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3 Ingredient Chili (#2 Chili Post of 5,570)

You’re low on time, tools and facilities. You want chili. What will you do? WHAT WILL YOU DO??? Recently I was on an 8 day business trip. I was staying in one of those business traveler hotels with a very small kitchen and even smaller array of kitchen tools. Regular readers already see my predicament. … Continue reading »

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While you’re here, like us on Facebook & check out the BIG CONTEST page and win! To some, limericks are the cheeseburgers of literature — an unsophisticated guilty pleasure enjoyed by the unwashed masses. Though washed, I’m a card carrying member of the masses and I love me a good limerick. There was a time when … Continue reading »

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7 Cranky Things

While you’re here, check out the BIG CONTEST page and win! In the About section of this blog I wrote… So I sound like a cranky old man, don’t I? No, far from it. Today I’ll go back on that by getting a little closer to my inner cranky old man. For your entertainment pleasure, a … Continue reading »

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101 Old School Things

While you’re here, check out the BIG CONTEST page and win! How many of these do you do? This is a list of 101 Old School habits, practices, actions, people, things and events. Not all of these will apply to everyone. And some will seem downright arbitrary. Some of these will be obvious. Some have been … Continue reading »

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How You Can Become Batman

While you’re here, do the Old Man a favor and “like” OSR on our Facebook page. I have loved Batman since I was a kid. And now that I’m just a few years from fifty, I still loves me some Batman.  I think part of this comes from my Mom’s love of Zorro or, more accurately, … Continue reading »

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Wilford Brimley Will Kill You In Your Sleep

While you probably recognize Wilford Brimley as an actor, oatmeal pitchman and advocate for diabetes victims, you probably don’t realize how Old School he is… Chuck Norris can beat Wilford Brimley; Wilford Brimley’s mustache can beat Chuck Norris. Before acting, Brimley worked as a ranch hand, wrangler, blacksmith, and a bodyguard for Howard Hughes in the same day. Brimley’s actual first … Continue reading »

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OSR Dame of the Year: Mila Kunis

She is a Hollywood movie star. He is a U.S. Marine. She is in movies. He is in this YouTube Video She, with prodding from Justin Timberlake, said “yes”. This earns her the much-coveted title, Old School Rules Dame of the Year She wins this not for her looks. Understand, her looks are considerable, but … Continue reading »

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I Have Cracked The Rob Bell Code

Rob Bell is a guy who until recently, had dyed blonde highlights and spanky-lookin’ trendy eyeglasses. Not Old School. Recently he wrote a book. He called it “Love Wins”. I think he called it that because the title, “Heresy, Twisted Scripture, Ignore God’s Justice and 2,000 Years of Christian History” seemed, well, too wordy. (If … Continue reading »

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