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Five Reasons To Split Wood

For a few weeks my hydraulic wood splitter was out of commission, so I went back to my “manual wood splitter”, a.k.a. my splitting maul. I’ve realized I miss it like an old friend. I will eventually fix the hydraulic splitter, but I plan on taking my time with it. Here’s why: #1 Splitting Wood … Continue reading »

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How To Be A “Great” Houseguest

GENERAL STUFF! Arrive late or early (your call!) Leave late Whatever you do, if you borrow my car don’t fill the gas tank, but please, do fill my car with fast food bags. Don’t get dressed up  or look presentable (“look presentable” good phrase) before 4 p.m. If you are in your gym shorts and … Continue reading »

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Another Reason To Get Up Early

It’s quiet. This morning I got out of bed at 5:25 am. No one else in the house was up. It would be at least two hours until the maelstrom of activity begins — boys running around, breakfasts being made, “I want peanut butter oatmeal, Mommy!” and TVs buzzing. But now it’s quiet. As I … Continue reading »

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We’re Getting Ducks

… just because I want’em We got our six chickens a little less than a year ago. Here’s how that went down. Step one: Think about getting chickens. Step two: Accidentally mention I’m getting chickens to my (then) four, three and two year old boys. Step three: Prepare myself to infrequently (every 5-10 minutes) hear, … Continue reading »

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Put Away Your Camera And Live In The Now

I was watching a political rally on TV. The camera panned back so I could see the crowd. There were over a thousand supporters in the audience with about one hundred visible on screen. Several dozens of those people were holding up their smart phones to record the speaker. I don’t get it. These people … Continue reading »

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Don’t Leave These Off Your Winter Checklist, Nancy Boy!

  My backyard around 2 p.m. today. Today at the homestead is one of those perfect snow days. Sufficient snow to make the yard fun yet insufficient snow to make driving a pain. That’s livin’! But I’m thinking it may not stay this way, so here’s your winter checklist that every Old School Man will … Continue reading »

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Johnny Cash & New Year’s Resolutions

This handwritten to do list of the late Johnny Cash was recently auctioned off for $6,400. It’s a testimony to the Old School Cool of Johnny Cash that he wrote a to do list that’s better than most folks’ resolutions. Have An Old School New Year & See You In 2012! The Old Man, Chris … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas & Best of 2011

I’ll be taking the next week off from the blog to recharge batteries, do some writing, split some wood, make chili, punch a Nazi — you know, Old School stuff. As I always like to remind you, don’t forget to give us some Facebook lovin’. Please like us and share us on your wall. It’s what keeps … Continue reading »

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5 Other Ways To Get Brains

Don’t forget to give us some Facebook lovin’. Please like us and share us on your wall. My dad’s formal schooling ended after the ninth grade. There was a small event, popularly known as “The Great Depression” (you may have heard of this), that encouraged him to get into the workforce at an earlier age … Continue reading »

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Old School Resolutions

Don’t forget to give us some Facebook love. Please like us and share us on your wall. Now is a time of year when many people begin thinking about New Year’s resolutions or at least begin to think about thinking about them. Some of the more common ones are lose weight, get fit, quit smoking, … Continue reading »

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